Derby Single Seater Lounge
Derby Single Seater Lounge

Derby Single Seater Lounge

$1,410.00 $1,248.00

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Danny’s Derby Single Seater Lounge

  • We have a huge range of lounges every occasion
  • Available in a huge range of colour/fabric options

Please Note:

  • Lead Times up to 20 Days for custom colours
  • If you require any further colour options please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members


  • Overall Height (mm): 760H
  • Chair Width (mm): 730W
  • Seat Depth (mm): 670D
  • Floor To Seat Height (mm): 440H
  • Arm Size (mm): 80W

Other Information:

  • Usage: Indoors
  • Assembly Required:  No


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