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Your Local Office Furniture Specialist

At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we offer our professional expertise in all aspects of premium office furniture in Mildura. We are dedicated to providing you with the confidence and peace of mind that you can trust in us to offer one of a kind selections while receiving expert advice to assist you in making the perfect choice for your needs and the needs of your office. Over a lifetime, we tend to spend a lot of our time working, and in our office. It is because of this, the furniture we use must be beneficial to our overall well-being. Whether you are looking for small specific additions or a complete overhaul of your entire office, we are here to help. At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we are committed to providing the highest quality and premium crafted office furniture in Mildura.

Huge Range & Top Quality

You will never be disappointed with our extensive collection of styles and designs to meet all your office needs. From ergonomically crafted office chairs to premium office desks in Mildura and everything in between, Danny’s Desks and Chairs have you covered. Quality, sturdy and well-crafted office furniture offers a magnitude of benefits which include:

  • Proven Comfort
  • Reduced risk of back and neck strain
  • Protection of additional office equipment, i.e. computers, laptops and important documents
  • Effective productivity
  • Enhancement of overall well-being
  • Improved functionality
  • and much, much more

Furniture is the backbone of any office design. Every piece of office furniture that we have on offer at Dannys Desks and Chairs is crafted with exceptional attention to detail and care.
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A Huge Range of Office Furniture in Mildura

We have an extensive range of products to suit your office needs, style and practicality, some of which include but are not limited to:

  • Office Chairs
  • Office Desks
  • Workstations
  • Lounges/Reception Seating
  • Reception Furniture
  • Screens
  • Storage
  • Tables
  • Whiteboards/Displays
  • Accessories
  • Artificial Green Walls
  • And much more

Office Chairs Mildura:

Finding the right office chair for you is essential to getting through those long days! Trialling a chair assures you’ll get the right chair for the right job! If you are a fan of trying before committing, then we have the perfect solution for you. If your selected chair does not meet your requirement – return it for a 100% refund. Contact us today to find out how our office chair trial options suit you.

Office Design Mildura:

If you are looking for expert advice and assistance for complete office designs, Danny’s Desks and Chairs has dedicated specialists to discuss your design goals and how to create the office of your dreams.

On-Site Consultations

We will visit your site and assess your space, work with you to establish precisely what you would like to achieve and present you with a 2D blueprint floor plan.
Once you are happy, we take things to the next level by providing a complete full-scale model, 3D walk-through, real-time changes either in-store on onsite and an honest and transparent quote. Better yet, we give this to you – FREE!

Office Desks Mildura:

Looking for a stylish yet functional and cost-effective fit-out? Want to add that signature touch of elegance to your office space? Through our full range of second to none products in a variety of styles and designs, furnishing your office space with beautiful yet well-crafted office desks has never been more accessible. Our computer desks never fail to make an impression! Whether your business has a staff of one or one hundred, at Danny’s we have an assortment of office desk options to match your needs and our professionals are devoted to bringing the best range of affordable desks to our customers.

Why Us:

You won’t find any better than Danny’s Desks and Chairs, when it comes to beautifully crafted and quality tested home and commercial office furniture. Our committed team are all highly trained and specifically qualified in professionally supplying and installing your furniture. What more could you ask for?

Through a decade of expertise, we have built a strong reputation as being the most trusted industry leaders in all aspects of office furniture. At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we are dedicated to servicing and caring for the needs of all Mildura, Victoria offices. Our passion, knowledge, proven guaranteed customer satisfaction – it is no wonder why we are known for being industry leaders Australia-wide. Our qualified and professional team will not only meet your expectations every time we will exceed them, with our second to none customer service, exceptional products and expertise it is obvious what sets us apart from the rest.

Looking for the best Office Furniture Mildura has to offer? Look no further than Danny’s Desks and Chairs. Having a source you can trust and rely on is worth its weight in gold. We understand that you have many options when it comes to Mildura Office Furniture. However, we also know that you won’t find higher quality, a more passionate team, fast, more reliable delivery or a more extensive selection of designs and styles than Danny’s Desks and Chairs.

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Danny’s Desks and Chairs is Mildura’s one-stop-shop for all your office furniture needs. Browse our extensive range and collections through our website today or contact us and talk to one of our knowledgeable consultants and find out what we can do for you.

The Best Affordable Office Furniture Mildura

Are you starting entrepreneurial a one-person operation? Launching a brand-new company with global ambitions? Or anything in between? A key part of daily life in the office will be determined by the physical space you occupy! How your employees, clients, and customers feel about where they work and how they perceive their business will be influenced by the design and atmosphere of your work environment.

So, where do you shop when it’s time to buy affordable office furniture in Mildura? Here at Dannys Desks and Chairs, of course! Since launching over 25 years ago, our company has earned the reputation of the best high-quality affordable office furniture Mildura. We stock an expansive range of office furniture at great low prices, and with great incentives and deals! We have excellent customer service, fast delivery, and affordable rates. Here in Mildura, we stock office chairs, office desks, reception counters, workstations and so much more, browse more to see all that we can be delivered directly to your doorstep!

One-stop Office Furniture Shop, Then Easy Delivery In Mildura

Trust us, we really know what we’re doing! With our many years of experience in the business of manufacturing and supplying affordable, high-quality office furniture, Danny’s Desks and Chairs, has earned its rank as best in business and number one choice, by you our loyal customers. We are Australian owned and operated with warehouses across the country, including Mildura, which means fast, express, delivery service will have your order to you in only days! Our products are ready to dispatch, we ship everywhere in Australia! Our prices won’t be beat! Danny’s Desks and Chairs, stock Mildura’s most affordable high-quality office furniture, the best on the Australian market – or so we think! But if you find the same product elsewhere at a better price, we guarantee to match it!

What Does Your Office Furniture Say About You?

Any business expert will tell you that perception and reputation are everything, right? Messy, dysfunctional, and outdated offices give the impression of poor work ethic, lack of respect, and inability to structure and focus. But what about the flare of creativity and character? Our design experts at Danny’s Desks and Chairs, understand the nuanced balance of functional, minimalist spaces that are free of distractions to help employees focus, while also being comfortable and unique to show off the personality of your company. Just give us a call to have a personalised consult with one of our team members regarding your own ideas about style and corporate attractiveness.

Your Employees Will Thank You

Business owners and office managers should be determined to spruce up their office furniture and spaces! Why? This change will result in many positives. From the point of view of your employees, they diligently arrive at work and strive to achieve great things for your business every day, regardless of the condition of the desks, office chairs, and furniture in their working environment. But imagine their surprise to arrive at work and discover their furniture has been upgraded? The morale boost that functional working environments bring to employees’ productivity is undeniable. Bring a real sense of investment towards your employees’ health and best interests, invest in proper office furniture for their behalf.

Office Furniture fast, Friendly, And Hassle Free

Mildura office furniture providers expect you to come to them, instead Danny’s Desks and Chairs, differentiates ourselves: our fast and friendly customer service team is available to chat online or over the phone at any time! Our website has all the office furniture and home office furniture Mildura individuals need right at your fingertips, for your browsing pleasure.

Do You Qualify For An Asset Write-off?

Thanks to the Government, thousands of businesses across Australia are benefiting from instant asset write off, which is good news for you because you can benefit too! This Federal budget approval makes office furniture more accessible to businesses in Mildura. Basically, this means businesses of up to $50 million dollars annual turnover now qualify for this scheme. At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we see this as incredible news for businesses across the country because it enables great opportunity for your business to finally get rid of their old office furniture assets and invest in brand new, state of the art designs that are built to maximise comfort and profitability. So, now’s the perfect time to improve your home or office workspace!

In Mildura? Create Your Perfect Workspace with Our Office Furniture

With all the time most of us have been spending working from home nowadays, now is an excellent time to really examine your office setup. Do your back and shoulders hurt after hours of your chair? Does your computer desk comfortably have enough space for all your work supplies? Do you feel comfortable and energetic when you’re in your home office? Odds are you’re just happy you don’t fall asleep at your desk, but that fatigue and lethargy might be partly due to your office furniture.

Ergonomic furniture is known to help increase comfort, productivity, health, and overall happiness while at work, whether it’s your home workspace or your office building. That’s why, at Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we offer all sorts of office chairs, desks, whiteboards, tables, and more to help you craft your perfect work environment. Say goodbye to drab grey cubicle farms, stiff backs, cramped desk surfaces, and ugly break rooms; we can help you at every stage of the office design process, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the work of Australia’sfinest Mildura office furniture supplier.

The Benefits of a Proper Workspace

With a well-designed office, you won’t just have more efficiency and a fashionable space; you’ll find your entire work culture flourishing. Here are some examples:

  • Discomfort is distracting, especially if it’s near constant for 8 hours! With ergonomic chairs, you’ll find your employees or yourself with plenty more focus to devote to work.
  • Ergonomic chairs also do wonders for your posture, hip pressure, circulation, and upper torso pain; the right chair for hours of work every day makes a real difference over the years, and employees that aren’t sore or cranky don’t tend to dread coming in!
  • The lounge or break room should feel like it encourages lounging and a real break, don’t you think? With a comfortable, tasteful, cosy space where employees can relax for a bit, you’ll find stress levels decreasing and your work environment more enthusiastic overall.
  • What do people and mice have in common? We all need enrichment! If you spend the better part of every day in a bleak colourless cubicle, you won’t be feeling waves of inspiration and creativity coming any time soon. With a dynamic, vibrant space, you get more dynamic, vibrant people and ideas.

Some Products We Sell

Danny’s Desks has 5 showrooms in Brisbane, Mildura, Sunshine Coast, Perth, and Sydney where you can see a range of our products, but we also have our online shop! Here are some of our products:

We can deliver almost anywhere and have excellent shipping warranties available for purchase with any order you might make. We also have a page on our website if you’re looking to buy in bulk, and you can find some examples of our range of styles in the Inspirations section of our website’s Home page. Whether you’re supplying a college administration office, a law firm, a quirky tech company, or your own den, we’ve got something for you and your aesthetic goals!

Contact Us for a Free Consultation!

That’s right; we can offer same-day quotes, project management, and 2D and 3D floorplans onsite! All you need to do is reach out and book a consultant to get started.

You can reach us at 1300 855 310 or If you’d like to visit one of our showrooms, you can find addresses on the “Our Showrooms” page of our website.

Questions Or Inquiries About Your Office Furniture Or Order?

Got questions? No problem! Give us a call 1300 855 310. To talk to one of our experience sales staff, if you need information or if you simply want to chat about your vision, we’ll make sure your Mildura office furniture dreams into a reality. You can shop with confidence on our site, the Danny’s Desks and Chairs service is one of a kind in Australia and is the only place you’ll find GECA and AFRDI approved products with warranties of up to 10 years! We understand in some instances buyers can’t be certain what see online is going to work in their physical space, so to alleviate the pressure, 30-day return policies are also at your disposal. Like we keep saying, it’s easy!

Whether you’re in Mildura, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra or anywhere in between, we’re ready and eager to work with you towards your ideal workspace.