Apply Here to be a Part of our Regifted Furniture Donation Program

How to Donate:

Click here to Register

Upload info and images of the furniture you are looking to donate, along with the date you would like it collected by. This will be viewable by all eligible nonprofits, start-ups, and people in need who have applied to receive these donations.

How to Receive Donations:

Click here to Register/Login, Then select “Request Donation”

Once we receive your application, it will be evaluated to ensure you meet our eligibility criteria. If successful, your account will be upgraded so you can see what is available for collection in your area. The donation browsing portal has the contact details for all of our contributors. Please reach out and discuss collection date, availability, condition, etc.

Please Note

It is the responsibility of successful applicants to inspect the functionality and condition of the furniture prior to removal. 

Danny’s holds the right to refuse donations or applicants based on our qualifying process.

It is the applicant’s obligation to collect products unless the contributor or Danny’s has agreed to facilitate delivery.