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Your Local Office Furniture Expert

Quality furniture has the ability to take your office space to the next level, in many ways. If you are looking for specific additions or a complete overhaul of your home or commercial office, Danny’s Desks and Chairs is here to help you achieve exactly that. Providing high standard furniture is our genuine passion, and you will not be disappointed with our huge collection of styles and designs to match all your office needs. At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we will look after you. A well-furnished office not only represents the personal pride you take in your space, it also has a huge array of benefits to your productivity and overall healthy, safety and well-being. As we spend a lot of our time in an office, it is essential to have the best of the best in the way of furniture for an array of reasons. Well manufactured and quality furniture is the backbone of any functional and practical office space, and we are dedicated to providing high quality, and premium crafted office furniture in Orange.

At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, office furniture is our love and passion, and you will not be disappointed with our comprehensive collection of styles and designs to meet all your office needs. Ergonomic chairs, quality office desks Orange and everything in between, Danny’s Desks and Chairs has you covered.

Benefits from choosing quality office furniture

Quality, sturdy and well-crafted office furniture offers a magnitude of benefits which include:

  • Ideal comfort
  • Avoid risk of back and neck strain and injury
  • Protection of your office equipment, i.e. computers, laptops etc
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced of overall well-being
  • Improved functionality
  • and much, much more

The furniture you choose is fundamental when it comes to office design, which is why it is of the utmost importance to make the right decision for overall appearance and functionality. As each and every piece of office furniture we have on offer at Danny’s Desks and Chairs are crafted and sourced with precision and care.
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Everything you need to fit out the office

We have an extensive range of products to suit your office needs, style and functionality. Some of which include but are not limited to:

Why Choose Us for Office Furniture in Orange?

Our team prides themselves on always providing the ultimate in beautifully crafted, and quality tested home and commercial office furniture in Orange. With that, you won’t find any better than Danny’s Desks and Chairs. Our team members are the heart of our company and are all highly trained and qualified when it comes to professionally supplying and installing your furniture.

At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we have been proudly caring for the needs of all Orange office needs for many years. It is through our decade of expertise that we have had the privilege of being able to build such a strong reputation as being the most trusted industry leaders in all aspects of office furniture in Orange. Our passion, knowledge and guaranteed customer satisfaction, – it is no wonder why we are known for being the best in the business. Our qualified and professional team will not only meet your expectations every time we will exceed them, with our second to none customer service, exceptionally-made products and expertise proving to be head and shoulders above any competition.

If you are looking for the best office furniture in Orange look no further than Danny’s Desks and Chairs. We appreciate that you are probably spoilt for choice when it comes to Orange office furniture options. However, you won’t find better quality products, a more passionate team, reliable delivery or a more extensive selection of designs and styles than here at Danny’s Desks and Chairs.

Your Top Choice for Office Furniture in NSW

If you’re spending around eight hours a day at work, it’s worth asking how comfortable you are during that time. That’s a significant chunk of your life where your posture might be suffering, your body feels lethargic, or where you’re simply not as happy as you could be. Look around your workspace; does your chair fit your body as it should? Is the room drab or dreary? Are you constantly wishing you had more desk space?

If any of these are problems, Danny’s Desks has you covered. Our tables, lounges, whiteboards, desks, and office chairs are designed to combat the lethargy and discomfort that comes with poor quality furnishing. If you’re looking for something for your home office, our online shop will have exactly the style and fit you need; if you’re a business owner looking to outfit an entire office, we can not only provide the products but also help you design the perfect layout. We’ve received great reviews everywhere from Melbourne to Perth to Orange for our products and services, whether it’s our tasteful floor plans or our delightfully comfy ergonomic chairs.

A Huge Range of Office Furniture Available in Orange

If you’ve yet to visit our online shop, you’re in for a treat! We’ve organized according to which piece of furniture you’re looking for as well as what price range you have, and we’re always offering savvy new sales and clearances. You can also visit our Sydney Showroom to see it all in person! Some of our products include:

  • Office desks, both heavier models with plenty of storage and lighter ones for mostly online work

  • Various tables for break rooms, boardrooms, and offices as needed

  • Ergonomic office chairs that improve posture, productivity, and mood

  • Portable and mounted whiteboards

  • Diving screens for privacy and personalization

  • Reception area furniture to make customers feel properly welcome

  • Lounges to make sure everyone relaxes as hard as they work while on break

  • Plenty of storage models to keep the office free of clutter

  • Several styles of workstations

  • And plenty more!

Office Design Orange

Bring your office vision to life! If you are looking for expert advice and assistance for complete office designs, Danny’s Desks and Chairs has dedicated specialists to discuss your design goals and how to bring your vision to life.
We will visit your site and assess your space, work with you to establish precisely what you would like to achieve and present you with a 2D blueprint floor plan.

Once you are happy, we take things to the next level by providing a complete full-scale model, 3D walk-through, real-time changes either in-store on onsite and an honest and transparent quote. Better yet, we provide this to you absolutely FREE! What more could you ask for!

Office Desks Orange

Add that elegant touch to your office space. If you are seeking a stylish yet functional and cost-effective fit-out, our vast range of products in a variety of styles and designs, furnishing your office space with beautiful yet well-crafted office desks in Orange has never been easier. Our office desks never fail to make an impression! Whether your business has a staff of one or one hundred, at Danny’s we have an assortment of office desk options to match your needs and our professionals are devoted to bringing the best range of affordable desks to our customers.

Office Chairs Orange

Successfully getting through those long workdays, finding the right office chair in Orange is essential! Trialling a chair assures you’ll get the right chair for your needs! Want to try before committing, then we have the perfect solution for you. If your selected chair does not meet your requirement – return it for a 100% refund. Contact us today to find out how our office chair trial options suit you.

Lasting Quality Office Furniture in Orange

When you’re a thriving business, the last thing you want to worry about is refurbishing your study or offices because the chairs don’t roll anymore, or the desks are chipped. At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we offer up to a 10-year warranty on all our office furniture because we’re confident in the quality we’re selling you.

Office design is an art, and art is messy sometimes. Your vision for your workspace might change, or you might find a product feels less right once you see it in place. Because we want to deliver more than just another sale, we have our 30-day return policy to take some pressure off! You can find out more about that on the FAQs page of our website.

Because the right office chair is especially important to your well-being and work quality, we’re proud to offer Chair Trials for all our uncertain customers. If you want to test out a model before committing, you can trial it for up to 7 days for absolutely free! While we do hold the cost, that money is fully refunded at the end of your trial. To find out more, visit the “Chair Trial” link on our website.

Any Questions? We’re Here to Help!

You can call 1300 855 310 or email, or if you’d like to see us in person, you’re welcome to check out our Sydney Showroom! You can find the details under “Our Showrooms” on our website.

Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra or anywhere in between, we’re ready and eager to work with you towards your ideal workspace.

Boost the productivity of the employees by using office furniture available at Danny’s Desks and Chairs

Lots of effort are required to make a workspace productive and functional. However, office furniture is the key element that can make it happen. It is hard to imagine a disorganized office in terms of furniture or setting layout. In this way, it will only contribute to the everyday office requirement. It might visualize how chaotic work life is. To avoid this, you should always choose high-quality office furniture. Substandard office furniture breaks the flow of work and brings down employee morale. At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we have come up with an easy solution to this problem. We have a wide range of office furniture at Orange that is specially designed to provide flexibility and comfort to employees.

At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we offer office furniture at the best deal so that your health woes can remain on the corner. It might be wrong to link productivity with the furniture at the beginning of the office, but with time, being an employer, you will start experiencing the difference when your employees start complaining about their bad health. Due to their absence, your work will start suffering. Please choose the best in-the-range ergonomic furniture to motivate your team and push them to exhale beyond their limitations. Gone are the days when an employer only thinks about their comfort; your staff is your asset, value it; otherwise, your business will not last long.

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