7 Golden Rules Of An Office Fit Out

13 May 2019Justin

Are you planning an office fit out soon? If so, it is quite possible to lose sight of the end goal of the office
fit out when you get involved in the nitty-gritty of the whole process.
Whether you’re moving to a new Sydney location or overhauling the office you are using now, see your
office fit out as an asset important in to the success of your business. That’s why we suggest you make
use of some golden rules.

Evaluate Your Workspace:

Ask yourself three important questions: what is currently working, what hinders workflows, what
difficulties would this office fit out resolve?
By recognizing why there is a need for the fit out, you can strategize ahead without forgetting any
important aspect. Above this, a feasibility study can help you fashion out how you want to use the

Shortlist Suitable Buildings:

Outline your priority sites. Then refer to a commercial property manager to help you slim down the
field. When you have some good favorites, get a building survey to find out any likely problems which
could lead to future expenses.

Hire the Right Fit Out Expert:

A fit out and design professional on your team can save you money, time and stress. Their extensive
understanding will let you take the correct decisions, and also make certain you dodge major pitfalls.
Set a Budget
Avoid rising costs by securing a design concept, sketching up a list of fittings and fixtures, detailing every
cost from beginning to end. Make sure you have quotations for everything – plus get an emergency
budget for unexpected costs.


Have communication channels open all the time. Meet on a regular basis with your design and fit out
expert to solve any issues before it leads to expensive problems.
When your plans are close to getting started, ensure schedules are watertight and that every Tom, Dick,
and Harry in the office is aware and carried along.

Manage the Big Move:

Though projected as the complex part of a commercial fit out, it didn’t start with the correct planning.
Ensure you use an endorsed removals company, that your IT and communications switchover is well
thought-out to keep interruption to a minimum, and that each person knows what to do, how and


An office renovation is the beginning of a new era in your office. With the up-to-date office interior in
place, there might still be one or two minor moving-in issues to sort out. A full assessment and
inspection of the whole thing is will let you get back to business quickly.