Height Adjustable Desks Explained

12 November 2019Justin

It is natural to be able to move when in a working environment so let’s discuss how we can do this with some of the products in our range and how it benefits us with long term use in the workplace and even at home. Height adjustable Desk.

One set back with the majority of work stations and desks these days lie in a fact that they position us in a manner that would seem contrary to our natural instinct. Our bodies as a whole are designed to be in motion, and not to be sitting or hunched over staring at a screen for extended periods of time. The ability to move is imperative for spinal health by improving circulation and reducing muscle fatigue.  According to the most recent research people need to get out of their chairs and move at least five minutes per hour.

When you sit all day, even in a healthy posture or a fully ergonomic chair your overall health does decline. A recent landmark study focused on over 70,000 women found the risk of death from heart disease to be nearly three times higher among people who sit the most, compared to those who sit the least. This study goes hand in hand with the rise of enquiries and sales of sit and stand equipment in our office furniture Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Sydney showrooms extending throughout Australia.

Switching between sitting and standing positions is crucial for our bodies to maintain healthiness and discouraging illness. Regular movement shifts the amount of load being put on the body that increases specific body part rest intervals, Therefore the adverse effect of risk factors.

Dannys Desks and Chairs are proud to offer a large range of options in our office equipment range in our Brisbane and Sunshine Showrooms where our sales professionals can demonstrate you how these products operate, how they benefit and how they can be incorporated into your layout with minimal effort.

Starting with our desk risers at $230, these are entry level options that can be added to your existing desk platform and are available in over 10 sizes and colour, please see the full range here https://dannysdesks.com.au/product-category/accessories/accessories-sit-stand-desk/

Probably our most popular range due to its affordability for FULL desking is the Windsor Range. Sleek, stylish and uncomplicated the Windsor spans through out various colours and sizes proving itself a must have for the modern office. Please look further here at Height adjustable Desks

Dannys Desks and Chairs are very excited about the Levitate Range recently turning up on our doorstep. Please have a look here https://dannysdesks.com.au/product/levitate-electric-height-adjustable-desk/ We would love to invite you down to one of our many showrooms in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast for a viewing as this range needs to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated. The New Oak colour is just part of why this range is so exciting, introducing a natural wooden grain into the office keeping up with the latest trends of natural colours and textures.

Thanks for reading and can’t wait to talk soon about height adjustable desk