Important Office Space Questions

10 May 2019Justin

Just how crucial is the office space to business? If you are planning the relocating of your office, space planning should be in your important list without hassles. In issues regarding office space, you cannot use a general space size for all employees! They have different needs, different office requirements and duties that make their optimal setting different from one another. While some might just need a desk, others can need a printer and CPU that takes more space.

Let’s look at three of the most commonly asked questions:

How Much Office Space does each Employee Need?

First, study how your floor space is currently designed. What is working? What is not? This idea will neatly show what your main concerns should be, and how you can make your ideal space to work.

Earmarking office space should not be done without considering your employees. Ask yourself:

  • How many staffs do you we need to accommodate? You need to consider the number of employees that will be accommodated in the new office. Before approving the design, you can get some 2D and 3D done for visualizations of what your office space will look like. Give samples of the printed designs to you staffs so they can point out any deficiency noticed in their own space.
  • What kinds of office spaces do you need? Do you need an open office where employees can collaborate easily? Or do your employees engage in tasks that require full concentration? If so, you may need to get secluded workspaces though let each be easily accessible.
  • Do you foresee any future staffing?

What are Our Future Plans?

Whatever the reasons for your considerations, always be mindful of the future. Ask yourself:

  • What space can you need in the future?
  • How does your current floor plan not come up to scratch to your perfect working environment?
  • What business development plans are under consideration?

Above all, it is critical if you are getting a long-term lease, it’s crucial to never ignore the likelihood of growth.

In any case, running out of workspace within a year of relocating office isn’t economical – particularly if you have to embark on the relocation route again.

What Office Space Style do we want?

Move floor plans, logistics and technicalities aside, what office design interests you?

  • Do you predict a brand new image?
  • Are you thinking of a modern, cool office space?
  • Do you prefer a traditional office feel?

Obviously, office design and fit out firms can create your perfect vision for you! In the end, putting your brand on your own office design is critical.

That said, to prevent making considerable changes to future buildings, it is better you seek an office design and appearance which fits your ideal style.

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