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How long is my warranty?

Please look to the bottom of the product description for the warranty period.

What does it cover?

We take great pride in our warranties, so the answer is pretty much everything. However we do have a few exclusions below:

1)     General wear and tear

2)     Misuse of the product

3)     Issues related to the upholstery that are not deemed manufacturer faults

It is at our discretion to determine if these exclusions apply to the product. However, you will find that we are typically pretty nice about it.

How do I make a warranty claim?

In most regions, if you’re in a commercial building we will come to you and fix the problem! If the product is in a residential area, regional location, or an area that we do not have representation, you’ll have to get the product back to us. This is your responsibility and cost to organise. That said, you will find us very accommodating.

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