Single Monitor Arm

Are Monitor Arms Useful?

08 May 2019Justin

Monitor arms are flexible alternatives to monitor stands and are a common feature in the modern office. The question is, are they really useful and should you consider purchasing one for your office? Here we look at the different features of monitor arms on the market today and discuss the benefits of adding one to your current workstation set-up.


There are several different types of monitor arm on the market, each with different features.

Monitor arms come in both single and dual set ups. Dual monitor arms allow multiscreen computer workstations, which have been shown to improve productivity.

Monitor arms differ in the size of monitor they support and their weight ratings. It is important to consider this when purchasing, particularly if you have a large screen or an all-in-one computer system.

One of the key benefits of using a monitor arm is the ability to adjust the monitor to optimise ergonomics. Standard monitor arms allow adjustment of height, focal depth, tilt and pan. Most also allow the screen to be rotated to between 180 and 360degrees, meaning that screens can be rotated from landscape to portrait.

Advanced monitor arms can also have additional features such as USB, microphone and headphone ports.

Most monitor arms have cable management systems to hide unsightly cables without impacting on the function of arm.

When it comes to fixture of the arm, the most common monitor arms can be either fitted to the desk by a camp or a grommet, where a hole is drilled through the desk specifically to allow fixture.


To optimise comfort and ergonomics, the top of any computer screen should be at eye level at a distance of arm’s length with a slight tilt away. This allows the neck to relax and prevents the eyes from straining. Without a monitor arm the benefits of other ergonomic furniture can diminish as this recommended position can be difficult to attain. Using a monitor arm means that you can also easily adjust the screen to adapt your set up for different users, lighting and tasks.

Lastly, monitor arms free up crucial desk space and allow optimisation of compact workspaces.

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