The Best Office Storage Solutions

08 May 2019Justin

Effective office storage solutions are the key to workplace organisation, efficiency and reducing workplace stress. They help to create an environment that is more conducive to daily business activities, more appealing to customers and help to create a great first impression of your business.

A number of different office storage options exist, making it easy to find a solution to suit your business’ needs. To assist in your search to find the perfect storage it can be helpful to consider the following:

How much space do I have?

In offices where floor space is limited, vertical storage solutions such as wall units, bookcases and cupboards are ideal. In larger spaces (particularly open plan offices) lateral storage such as credenzas help to divide the space whilst maintaining an open plan feel.

What ‘look’ am I trying to create for my office?

Office storage solutions are typically available in melamine or steel finishes, with melamine offering a much more extensive range of options and colours. In offices aiming for a more minimalist look, cupboards, drawers or credenzas are ideal to hide unsightly office supplies and documents.

What do I need to store?

If your business handles a lot of paper documents filing cabinets or pedestals offer both organisation and storage. Have a lot of lever arch files? A bookcase, cupboard, wall unit or credenza are all great options.

Do I want my storage to be fixed or mobile? Do I want it to be part of my desk?

Storage can be fixed in a particular location or mobile and able to move with you about the office in the form of a pedestal. If looking for fixed storage you need to also consider whether you would like it be a part of your desk. A hutch or drawer box can add much needed storage to your desk, particularly in offices where space is limited.

What options exist?

Melamine offers a wide range of storage options. A smaller range is also available in steel.


  • Hutch – a low set shelfing unit that can be fixed on top of a desk or credenza.
  • Credenza – a horizontal cupboard with sliding doors. The addition of a hutch can greatly increase its storage capacity.
  • Wall unit – a vertical unit with a cupboard to the bottom and shelfing above.
  • Pedestal – a mobile storage unit with a variable number of drawers. Also available in steel.
  • Drawer box – attaches underneath a desk to provide fixed drawer storage.
  • Pigeon hole unit
  • Bookcase (also available in steel)
  • Cupboard (also available in steel)
  • Filing cabinets (also available in steel)


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