Free Office Design

13 May 2019Justin

Many businesses give little or no attention to the manner in which their workplace is designed thereby affecting their productivity.

The immediate Physical environment of the workplace can greatly affect the physical and mentally wellbeing of the employees and this has a direct effect on productivity. Appropriate office design plays a key role in increasing employee well-being because it allows effective execution of projects under optimum condition, excellent design also helps in preventing future injuries and reduce the level of fatigue and burnout. Having a good design also aid good ventilation in workplace which is a major dictator of the quality of air in the workplace, the secondary determinant of good ventilation is good air conditioning, good maintenance, control of humidity levels and use of plants.


Danny’s Desk and Chairs provides you with a life-befitting office design which is absolutely free, because we understand the harm that bad design could do to businesses. It should be noted that office design goes far beyond the purchase of flashy office chairs or office furniture, but it is all about placing the right furniture in its supposed position for result maximization.

Office layout design go as far as reflecting the corporate culture as well as company’s mission. The office space set up must take into consideration, the needs of the employees. A good office design is not only functional, but it also gives comfortable work arena for staffs. As a business owner, you should select an office layout that can encourage your employees to provide quality results while enjoying the comfortable working environment.


In a study cited in U.S. News & World Report, software developers were subjected to different workspace. Each one of the developer had to keep a log of the amount of time spent took to complete tasks. The study revealed that the programmers in the top quartile were 2.1 times more productive than the average programmer


The major similarity noted amongst the best programmers was simply quality workspace which is a product of wonderful office design. These programmers were given the proper tools and environment needed to showcase their ability.


For the aforementioned reasons, Danny’s Desk and Chairs is a trusted source of commercial office furniture and office chairs, we give a world-class office design idea for companies and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help in creating effective workspace that help organizations to reach the zenith of their business goals. Using our creative design ideas and tips, we show you how to create professional environments with a personal touch.