Outdoor Office Furniture You Need

13 May 2019Justin

While planning the layout of your office or even trying to overhaul what you have at present, you usually focus your decisions on the major points; reception room furniture, ergonomic chairs, standing or traditional desk and color scheme. But the office setting goes beyond the interior space. Modern offices are embracing the idea of outdoor areas where their staffs can have some breaks and get some fresh air and vitamin rich sunlight.  If your office has a space outside like this or you are planning one; here are essential outdoor furniture you may need.


When choosing tables, decide how the space will be utilized. Do you want to allow staffs to work outside? Do you want them to have some meetings outside occasionally? Or do you want to allow them use laptops on bright days? If so, there is need to get larger tables that can accommodate many employees and smaller tables that staffs can sue for individual works. If in its place, you see the space as an open-air lounge, think through other kinds of outdoor furniture such as coffee tables and couches instead of standard tables designed for working and eating.


When planning how to use outdoor space, Seating is also important like table surface. If you just want the outdoor area for relaxation while on breaks, get comfort items like Adirondack gliders or chairs. If your employees will use it sometimes as a workspace, consider stand seats, but choose things with spinal support. Remember a strained or stressed employee is a less industrious employee.

Umbrellas and Shade

Canopies and other shade items (like awnings) offer shelter from both light rain and sun so your outside space is still functioning even in tough conditions. While several of your staffs will need a slight vitamin D rich sunlight, remember that some won’t (or may have health conditions or take medicines that demands they stay away from the sun). If you are thinking of holding meetings outdoor (which will need that employees be out there), get at least some shade arrangements.

Utilitarian Pieces

This comprises all of the paraphernalia that’s there for its usage instead of aesthetics or comfort, such as trash cans, bike racks, and smoking stations. When you’re taking decisions on these outdoor furniture pieces, keep your organization brand and goals in mind. If you are a firm that encourages healthy and environmentally friendly decisions, you need to dedicate a place to a bike rack for guests and employees. You should also decide how to supplement the traditional trash can with recycling can, and maybe even manure can if you get that means available.  If you your business discourage smoking, or if your workplace is situated on a “smoke-free” property, you should give up the smoking station as it sends a confusing message.

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