Organizing The Workplace for Maximum Efficiency

13 May 2019Justin

An efficient office saves you time and makes your employees happier. Probing through jumbled drawers, tangled wires, stacks of papers and boxes of items fallowing around, can be a burden when you factor the time lost looking for things that you can find with ease, but aren’t. Chaotic electronic files and confusion can be a big burden also. Then what about the mental stress? Clutter can lead to irritating stress in employees.

Here are eight ways your teams can organize their electronic and physical work spaces.

Get it off the Floor

Go plumb with shelving units and bookcases. Floor space or Desktop space usually becomes used up. Vertical storage is definitely more efficient for space management and places more at eye level.

Go Paperless or Purge

Implement this method to save your personnel the stress later. Every week, after end of tiring office work, it’s normal to have papers pile up in the office. Paper works, contract terms and other stuffs that you have to preserve in paper form must be filed away quickly. Run through every single piece of paper in your workplace by utilizing this System of Three:

  • Shred/toss it
  • File it or
  • Take action from it

File your vital paperwork using the color-coded filing classification. Consider getting a policy to archive and scrap archived files after a particular time, too.

Take it to next level – Go paperless!

Wrap Computer Cords

Electrical cords and computer cables can turn out to be an eye sore and a tangled mess. Fortunately, special cord covers and twist ties can make things neat. Consider tagging your cords, so you can easily locate the right one when you want to move something or disconnect.

Make Divided Drawers available to everyone

Buy inexpensive wooden or metal dividers — or instead, recycled plastic. Organize pens; notepads and sticky notes; paper clips; scissors and other items. Not only will a planned drawer save you time, it keeps small objects ordered and stress-free to find so your staffs can concentrate on what’s needed – work!

Use a Labeler to Make Shelves Organized

It’s not only files that require labels. Drawers and shelves can benefit when labeled. With that everybody in the workplace knows the exact place to return files and other items.

Save Company Documents on a Central Cloud Location

A good way to preserve time and dodge the need for everybody to set up individual “computer-generated filing” system is by saving company documents on a single central cloud location for. Options like OneDrive or Google Drive allow you to create central folders by client or topic, to share documents.

Utilize Project Management Software

The use of project management software can keep your staffs on track with tasks. More notably, it eradicates email instructions and paper to-do lists, and mix-up that come from them.

Build a Printing Station

Designate a place in your workplace to accommodate the printer and printer materials. By putting the printer in a cabinet, it reduces clutter and modestly looks much finer for visitors and workers who work at the space each business day.