The Various Benefits Of Mobile Whiteboards

13 May 2019Justin

There are only a few of dry erase whiteboards offered out there on the marketplace today, but you can certainly not go wrong if you decide on a mobile whiteboard. Keep reading on to know the various benefits of using mobile whiteboards.

They come in different material ranges

Whiteboards are made from different ranges of materials, and mobile whiteboards are not an exception. The most commonly used materials are plastic/melamine, ceramic /porcelain and glass. The cheapest whiteboards are those made from melamine/plastic. Melamine whiteboards are perfect for modest use, because they easily wear. Furthermore, these whiteboards are infamous for ‘ghosting’ hitches. Ghosting occurs when markers leave stains behind on the whiteboard while the marker cannot be easily rubbed off the surface with an eraser.

If you want a tough and durable whiteboard, you should go for a ceramic whiteboard, as this kind of whiteboard is precisely designed to stand well against heavy use and misuse of heavy applications. The whiteboard surface can’t easily get dented or scratched even with recurrent use by several users. Due to its non-porous quality, the whiteboard continues to look fresh for an extensive period with minimal cleaning. With these benefits, it is costlier to purchase a porcelain mobile whiteboard.

If you need a board that possesses a truly modern and elegant look, but still provides all the benefits a porcelain whiteboard can offer, you had better consider buying yourself a glass whiteboard made. Glass whiteboards are totally non-porous, which means you can overlook about ever smearing the surface of your boards.

They are a cost-effective solution

Since mobile whiteboards can without difficulty be moved from one place to another, you don’t need to purchase a whiteboard for every single room, particularly if the whiteboards are not needed for simultaneous use. This means you can direct funds for other significant projects. In addition, you can always pick a whiteboard kind that fits your budget, as there is a range of board materials to select from.

They can be used as dividers

Mobile whiteboards can also function well when used as room partitions in big rooms with an open floor design. Also, several mobile whiteboards can be height-adjusted to meet the needs of many users.

When you want to choose a right mobile whiteboard for your office, it is imperative to remember that not every single board is made same way. Take your objective, budget and space into consideration before determining which mobile whiteboard or the other to choose.

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