The Growing Importance Of Private Spaces In A Modern Office

13 May 2019Justin

In the last few years, there has been an increase in the opening of stylish and modern offices. Modern organizations are creating open work spaces with believe it would promote collaboration, creativity, productivity and efficiency at work while keeping the cost of real estate in check. What these organizations need to factor into their office design planning is that most staffs, so as to be contented, productive and motivated, when operating in the open environment, need private places to decompress, think or just to answer a phone call that is private.

As a result, as a manager or office administrator, you need to create an office that provides private spaces; including huddle rooms and phone booths with an open office concept without pushing the real estate cost up.

How to Create Perfect Private Spaces in an Open Office:

To have a perfect private space in your open space, you need to identify the types of private spaces you can have in your office.

One-Person Private Space: Usually known as a phone booth due to what it is used for, it is a place to receive or place a personal phone call.  The outline can be relatively small given that the acoustics are tremendous. These spaces are for general use but not to be occupied for a long period. Your staff will definitely love this. Take note of basic safety codes while designing the space.

The One or Two Person Space: These are private spaces meant for two people at a maximum. Such spaces are meant to allow one or two people focus on an assignment that can be disturbed in the open office. You can enhance it with an audio or video conference call capability.  You might also need to equip such space with small workplace and a charging point to connect a PC or a personal gadget. The ventilation, good lighting and sound acoustics are essential while designing a small space like this in your office.  To prevent such places from becoming source of conflicts, you might need to create some access restrictions like time limit and requirements for using such space.  If you are looking for how this space can work for you, kindly drop a message for Danny’s Desks; a leading office design and furniture consulting firm. With the utilization of their modern tools like 2d&3D office design which allows you to visualize your customized design, they can create an office that have all the needed features and at the same pocket friendly.

The Team Room: Assembling a small number of employees together to perform a particular task or attend to a client concern, can be demanding in an open office because using large meeting room is neither not practical nor possible.  With our experience, you can take advantage of our free office design to get an office that accommodates urgent needs like such. Depending on your budget and specifications, we can create an office that your employees are proud of.