Five Reasons Why You Should Get CPU Holder

13 May 2019Justin

A CPU holder, which lets you to hang down your CPU below your desk, is usually an unnoticed and underrated component of an office chair to complete an ergonomic furniture setup. Not convinced? Here are the 5 reasons to make use of CPU holder:

Allows your CPU to Move – This is particularly important when making use of a height adjustable desk. We always recommend CPU holders to our clients when they are buying a standing desk. Evidently, raising the height of your monitors and desktop can jerk the cables that fasten them to your PC. A CPU holder is a lifeguard in this instance. You won’t want to raise the desk to standing point only to accidentally unplug your speakers, monitor, etc.

Get the most out of Your Space – Your CPU could be the largest item in your office, but a CPU holder can let you keep it at bay and not render useless some valuable office space. Used with a modest cable management system, you’ll be amazed how much additional space turn up when your CPU is not on top of the office desk.

Keep Your CPU Close – If you cannot easily turn or have bad knees, getting outside your office chair and genuflecting on the solid floor to reach the rear of your computer is not a stress-free task, and it’s surely not something you wish to do continually all through the day. Attaching a CPU holder to your monitor lets you to have your central processing unit within arm’s reach all the time. With a unit like the Danny’s Desks Eco CPU Holder, you can remain seated in your office chair and easily reach all you need.

Swivels Your CPU Around – One of the most annoying computing moments is when you are fitting new hardware or wants to check connection of cables that plugs into the back of the CPU. Gone are the days of turning and lifting your hefty CPU around physically, or creeping on your knees and hands with a torch to see the chaos of wires after the unit. Many CPU holders are capable of a straight glide and able to rotate a full 360 degrees! The Danny’s Desks Eco CPU Holder is an inexpensive unit with these options that we greatly recommend.

Protect Your CPU! – Furthermore, the practical benefits and applications of a CPU holder and having one mounted on your desk or workspace can in fact protect your office computer. A CPU on the floor is more prone to gathering hair or dust. This is particularly true when you are using a carpet. A CPU holder safeguards your CPU to just under the desktop, away from the direct section of floor. Hanging the CPU off the ground also guards it from spills or bumps and lets the fan cool and work better than being on the floor.

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