Free Week-Long Office Chair Trial

20 May 2019Justin

Get the best from our office furniture Melbourne collection. You don’t know which of our product is best for you? Why not try them out for a week? If you find it difficult or risky in selecting the right office furniture from our website, we proffer you a solution that eliminates your risks completely! “A week of trying out that product for free. “This free trial period would give you access to a fully assembled office chair, so you can test drive them for about a week. If you are not comfortable with the product, you can obtain another on a free trial with an obligation to buy.


Our free chairs are to ensure you get the best product suitable for your office. It is to build your assurance in terms of quality and utility of our product. Our products are unique and special. However, you might have a different feel of the office chairs you need. So we give you the opportunity of making your choice in a wide range of selections. Each chair and furniture is designed to help you get more relaxed and comfortable in your office. Our chairs provide a healthy sitting program allowing you to move with fluidity and in any choice direction. Take a free trial today.


This trial usage is free and available to any parts of Australia. If you are not in any way satisfied with what you purchase, we can offer something that suits you better. However, you must purchase a chair after three free trials. Some chairs however, are not available for trials. In this case, you are under no obligation to buy.



You need not worry about installation. We would personally install your choice chair for free. And give you up to 10% discount savings for any office chair purchased.