Important Ergonomic Factors To Consider At Office Design Stage

13 May 2019Justin

The development of modern offices around the world is going on at an amazing rate. As economies evolve, business are sharpening their marketing skills, improving worker’s efficiency – and in particular maximizing the utilization of office space. With stiff competition for the best hands, employers are seeking ways of keeping their staffs committed and dedicated to organization goals.  One of the means of maintaining loyalty is making them comfortable in the office. Attention is now on the ergonomics of office furniture Gold Coast to provide employees with convenience. Prospective employees also now take note of the working environment; so if you want the best employees, create the best office.

In fact, ergonomics can enhance both human productivity and the usage of technology for better efficiencies and reduced expenses. That is, costs related to lost time, injuries, insurance claims and mostly wasteful work plans and methods.

When you are designing or redesigning your workplace, it’s essential you consider all features of ergonomics, accessibility and productivity. Don’t overlook a step; remember all the factors are important.


It’s misguided to jump into a new office without knowing what is broken or functioning in the old. Perform a simple ergonomic hazard valuation to quickly find out what part(s) of a job are causing quality, productivity or comfort issues.

Ergonomic problems are usually a consequence of wasteful processes, poor layout, improper or unsuitable equipment and poor worker habits. Moving ahead with any design short of understanding these straightforward elements can be expensive and regularly breeds frustration and non-confidence among employees


After completing the assessment, determine which of the identified hazards are problematic and diminish the human ability to perform effectively. Anthropometrics, a study of measurements and proportions of the human body, should be a first line of defense when looking at design.

When used effectively, anthropometrics can reduce or completely engineer many hazards out of work space designs, layouts and equipment usage. It’s the only way to ensure that the design will fit the workforce, the space and the task.


Improvements in technology can help ease some of the annoying disconnects that arise when stretching the limits of the body.

Don’t look at the physical environment alone; the processes, procedures and tasks that employees are going to perform will also go a long way in determining. Mobile systems and modern office tools allow now allow workers to engage in conference calls without leaving their office. Less movement: less stress and improved performance.

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