Important Office Supplies For Startup Companies In Australia

13 May 2019Justin

Startup enterprises are products of one or the other entrepreneurship spirit. A CEO or business founder may have all the economic knowledge crucial to the success of his or her firm and how to go about such. Yet, they are not usually known to be good in deciding how to set up the office and make it as comfortable as they want.  They are usually lost when it comes to deciding what and what should constitute the office supplies for their new office. That’s where Danny’s Desks comes in.  We have in stock all important office supplies to give your new business a new footing in Australia. From office furniture to accessories; our chairs and tables are ergonomic so your employees and visitors can be at ease in your office. You can book a free office design and setup consultation with one of our experts.


This is the most important item needed in any modern office. Never seen an office where employees sit down on the floor with their laptops. If there is any supply you should get before even sending out PR that you have opened, it is office furniture like chairs, desks and filling or storage.

The basic office furniture items new business will need are:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Filing or Storage

Everyday Expert Tip:  When you want to invest in office furniture Gold Coast, most importantly desks and chairs, it is crucial you carry all your employees to ensure they can take choose items that will suit their needs. Your emphasis should be the ergonomics of the furniture items. This will guarantee the comfort of your employees, boost their morale; leading to improved productivity which is important to a startup.


Technology is the language of the future, and new businesses are now leading the charge. To ensure they have the capability to survive the harsh competition, startups must have the proper equipment to give them a goo footing.

  • Telephones & Communication Systems
  • Computer Accessories
  • Power & Backup
  • Printers
  • Wires

Everyday Expert Tip: Technology may the crucial factor in future business, but all devices are still manufactured items and can fail. Losing connectivity during a virtual meeting or your Mac computer is unable to get along with standard computer wires while planning a presentation can be really frustrating. Get backup solutions to be ready for all tech failures.

Desk Supplies

Though they are made up of items you have used mostly in elementary school, desktop supplies are basically the most important items on the desk. They are crucial to the day-to-day running of an office.

Writing Utensils

  • Paper
  • Binders & Accessories
  • General Supplies (scissors, staplers, tape, etc…)
  • Labels
  • Calendars & Planners

Making the office litter free is important to having a calm and comfortable workspace. You can use desktop organizers to keep everything in place and organized.

Mailing & Shipping Supplies

Though most transactions are conducted over the computer or phone, there is always a document or items that a customer needs to get through the mail. If your business is selling or offering physical products, you will need the items to get those products from inventory to the shopper’s doorstep. These materials are simple:

  • Packing Supplies
  • Mailers & Tubes
  • Packing Tape & Dispensers

Everyday Expert Tip: When sending you customer or client a product they have bought, you can use a handwritten note to make the transaction more personal and make your customer happy as they will notice and appreciate you.

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