Office Space Planning

13 May 2019Justin

In any business that intends growth, office space planning is inevitable, in fact it should be one of the underlying factors to be considered before anything.

Office space planning when done right, contributes to improved efficiency, productivity and quality assurance, as well as enhanced employee engagement and morale.


There is always a better way to make your office look welcoming by giving appropriate space for operation via proper placement of office chairs, screens, boardroom table, whiteboards and all of your office furniture.


Your office space plan should be driven primarily by the day-to-day workflow and needs for collaboration amongst employees. At Danny’s Desks and Chairs, we help you figure out these needs so that your office plan can support streamlined efficiency and effectivity that leads to productivity, which, ultimately, which is your employees’ top priority as well as your own major concern, since the main soul of a business is to make profit.


Is there anything worse for morale and high working energy than walking into an uninspired workplace on a daily basis? Don’t you think you can work something better for your employees? Your team deserves a higher level of inspiration; the privacy they crave to get their work done with one or all of these necessary features for today’s modern office space


A workplace should not be a place where only function is prioritized while the esthetics considerations are not just irrelevant, this will lead to nothing but counter productivity. Rather, a workplace should be an environment that ideally supports high-performance teams of employee, and fosters a high-energy culture that focuses on solutions, growth and success.


This is what we aim at when planning your office, at Danny’s Desk and Chair, we ensure that your office plan captures the pragmatic element, so that your employees are inspired to do their best at all time. We operate across Australia, we are in Office Chair Sunshine Coast, Office furniture Gold Coast, Office Chair Perth and Office Chair Sydney. 


Our experts work closely with your manager and team as a whole to help you build and deploy an optimized, customized office space plan for a better result.


Few offices can actually boast of enough office space, not because they don’t have the space but probably due to mismanagement of such space. And obviously, no employee would ever want that.


When considering office space planning concepts, don’t forget about what image you’re trying to portray for your business. Imagine the picture and let us print the picture.