Things To Know When Fitting Out An Office

08 May 2019Justin

Fitting out your office can be an exciting time, with the opportunity to create something aesthetically pleasing, efficient and reflective of your business. For many businesses it can also be a time of great expense and with so many options available it can seem a little overwhelming. Spending time answering a few simple questions can help keep you on track and get the fit out right first time.


1. “Why am I doing this?”

Whether you are expanding your business, restructuring your entire office or moving to a new location it is important to keep your goal in mind throughout your project planning. Listing your objectives is a good way to stay on track and prevent unnecessary overspending and loss of time and energy.

2.“How much would I like to spend?”

It is far easier to shop for quotes when you have a budget. It is also important to remember that there will likely be additional charges for delivery and installation and to account for this. Depending on the size of your project you may also need to account for moving costs, electricals and telecommunications. Allocating a cost per staff member or per square metre can help you assess the difference between worth and value.

3.“How would I like to represent my brand?”

Your new office design should reflect and be an extension of your brand. From colour schemes to the general feel of the layout there are multiple ways of achieving this. If you often have clients visiting the office think about what you want their first impression of your business to be.

4.“What do my brand and staff need?”

Accurately assessing the requirements of your workforce is key to maintaining a healthy budget, flow within the work space and ideally increasing workplace efficiency.

Think about the different spaces that your office requires – do you need a formal meeting room or could you have a more informal communal area? It is important to make the most of the space you have available – there is little point using a large area of floor space for a formal conference room that will be used just a few times a year.

Do you staff work individually or in teams? Cubicles may work better for staff working alone where as an open plan or ‘hot desk’ design can work well for teams.

Involving staff members in these discussions can not only make them feel valued but can help create a workplace that works for them.

5.“What extras and electricals might I need?”

Buying a desk can seem like a straight forward process but there are a number of key issues that need careful consideration.

Think about your power and data requirements; how are your computers and telecommunications going to be connected? Do you need wiring or cable holes to hide unsightly electrical cables?

Think about your workplace ergonomics; would monitor arms or sit-stand desks help keep your staff comfortable and efficient?

6.“What are my plans for the future?”

It is important to consider your plans for the future in order to make the most of the space and budget available. Do you fit your office to your current requirements or what you expect to need as your business grows? Having an idea of how you expect your business to change over coming years can help with this. The ideal office space works well for today and has the ability to adapt for tomorrow.

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