3D Office Layouts

13 May 2019Justin

Ideas are good but they are better when they are represented in a more specific way. 3D layout is one of those ways by which ideas are presented.

An efficient 3D office layout is characterized by the time and money it saves employees, how well it expresses work flow and adds ease of quick use to machines and equipment. If your office is design in such a way that it allows employees to work efficiently and effectively within their limited time and then turns a reasonable profit for your business, that time you can say it’s successful.


At Danny’s Desk and Chair, we create beautiful 3D Floor Plans of your office design, we can create a write location for your whiteboards, boardroom table, office chair, height adjustable desk even before they get to your real office.3D office layout will make it easy to visualize how your office design will actually look, we bring reality closer to your imagination. Our design layout includes furnishings, materials, layout and texture.

When it comes to office design, good planning and execution is essential. A good office design adds to productivity and contributes to the well-being of your workmates or employees while proper arrangement of office furniture adds more sauce to the look. This says a lot about your company and how dedicated you are to what you do, with your customs and within the workplace


On the average, an adult spends over 50% of their daytime hours in an office. It’s the major part of our daily activities and often a place where we spend most of our hours. For this reason, apart from functioning well, an office design should be the one that creates a pleasant and inviting place to spend time in.


With a proper planning, you can achieve the aforementioned in a very simple way, but where do you start?


You have to realize that there is a lot of office planning offer and advice everywhere, but knowing what exactly will work for your office space is a priority. In order to figure that out, we at Danny’s Desk and Chairs are ready to provide the right option you will never regret.

The advantage you stand to gain by consulting our 3D design experts are:

1 Expansion: Our 3D office layout is more organized and facilitates rearrangement or expansion at any point in time, should the team have new developments. Therefore, offices are better suited to rearrangement or change, as manipulation of space could occur without affecting the current productivity.


2 Easy Supervision: Our 3D office layout facilitates easy supervision. A supervisor will have little or no stress focusing on his work while he is also available for employees to ask for assistance. An efficient and effective space means the supervisor can check productivity and move through the space easily.