Brisbane Office Fitout – Benefits of an open floor plan

01 September 2019Justin
  1. Why choose an open floor plan?


Brisbane is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you’re lucky enough to work here, or if you’re planning to have an office fitout in Brisbane to modernise your workspace, then it’s definitely worth considering an open floor plan. Ever since they have been in vogue, open floor plans have revolutionised the way that we live, work, and conduct business. They can truly transform your space and the way that you perform within it, which is particularly important in a business context. This blog will give you a run-down of all the reasons why you should opt for an open floor plan for your Brisbane Office Fitout – Australia’s sunniest capital city.


Natural light


First of all, open floor plans offer much more natural light than traditional office layouts. Brisbane is lucky enough to get 2,800 hours of sunshine every year, and there’s rarely a day without blue skies, so it would be a shame not to let this beautiful weather into your workplace. Enjoy endless summer, allow clearer views of full-length windows, and soak up the benefits of numerous studies which have proven that natural light can increase productivity and improve your mood.


Illusion of space


Removing unnecessary walls, partitions, or large items of furniture can truly open up your office space and create the illusion of a larger floor plan. Nobody likes to work in a cramped, uncomfortable environment, and once you remove items that delineate one space from another, your office will suddenly appear significantly bigger. Why pay for an expensive renovation when you can simply increase your available square footage through open-concept living? This is particularly something you should consider for your next office fitout in Brisbane, a city famous for its sprawling metropolitan streets and open spaces.


Ease of communication


Perhaps the most significant benefit of choosing an open floor plan in Brisbane is the flexibility and ease of communication that it offers for day-to-day business operations. When the distinction between different sections of your office begins to blur, it becomes much easier to collaborate and communicate between departments, removing the emotional boundary of stepping into another ‘space’. Choosing an open floor plan for your next Brisbane office fitout will encourage open dialogue and productive socialisation.


Workplace equality


Typically, an office space is structured to mirror its respective business hierarchy. For example, interns are positioned closest to the front door in small desks, full-time employees share a larger space with better views, and CEOs have a large room all to themselves equipped with a reclining chair and coffee machine. Ok, maybe that’s a little stereotypical, but it’s true that businesses often operate in a physical hierarchy. Open floor plans eliminate this structural distinction, creating a sense of workplace equality that is encouraging for employees of all levels. Your next office fitout in Brisbane could really benefit from removing hierarchical barriers to create a sense of inclusivity across all levels and departments.