How Long Do Office Chairs Last Before They Need To Be Replaced?

13 May 2019Justin

Office chairs are in different varieties, so it doesn’t look fair to think that there is a particular timeframe that every chair last. Usually, the costlier the office chairs chair, the longer it should last. Nevertheless, that’s not reasonable to say also because the way office chairs Melbourne are used and how often are two of the major factors to the durability of any chairs. When you want to determine the number of years your office chairs in Sydney or any other city will last, you need to put the following factors into considerations before making your assessment.

How often will the Office chairs be in use?

How will the chairs be used? Are you the only one that will be using it or many people will be doing so?

If the office chairs you’re looking to buy is just meant for only you, then you have a greater selection to select from. If the chairs are going to be used by multiple people, then you will most likely want to look into purchasing a 24-hour chair to withstand the heavy usage so that your chair lasts longer.

How will the chairs be used?

Are you going to be using the chair every day? Four times every week? Will be using it at home occasionally or it is meant only for the office? Check out some of the common uses of chairs, and the kind of chair we recommend considering the use type.

Work office

If you need the office chair in an office setting, a chair with ergonomic features like adjustable seat height and lumbar support is perfect so that you will be perfectly comfortable on the chair without harming your health.

With above illustrations, you can see that the way you use chair and the frequency of use, are the two main factors that will determine how it will last. We are waiting to hear from you.

Home office

If you are using your home office for permanent job, you may need to consider a chair with more comfortability and longevity. Start your quest by looking through our selection of home office chairs here.


Subject on your rate of use, this differs from one user to another. With minimal use, a good office chair can be used for several years. Full usage and low-cost material may necessitate you change this much earlier. Assess your usage against the norm and choose if a less costly or more expensive office chair fits you. We offer some quality range of gaming chairs you may look through out here.

Call center or dispatch

Call centers and dispatch in Australia and worldwide are known with heavy use of office chair. Because of this, a low-priced chair may only last a year at most, while a more quality and luxurious 24 hour chair will last for many years.