Sunshine Coast Office Fitout – Maximise Productivity

01 September 2019Justin
  1. Office design tips to maximise productivity


Here on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, we’re lucky to have larger and brighter workplaces than the tiny offices stacked end-to-end in city CBDs. But when traditional office designs so often prioritise making the most out of a small space, how do you choose the perfect office fitout for a large space? If stacking desks like Tetris is no longer on the agenda, it’s important to seek a new, more accurate goal for your workplace design – productivity. This post will run you through some tips and tricks for maximising productivity in your next Sunshine Coast office fitout.


Get the basics right


When it comes to optimising workplace productivity, it’s important to start from scratch and get the basics right. Forget sourcing precisely the right shade of muted grey for window shutters – instead, think about the essential pieces of furniture that you use every day . More often than not, these will include desks and chairs. It’s no secret that working from a dodgy old chair can ruin your day, and there’s nothing worse than craning your neck to reach a desk that’s much too high. You and your employees will work much more productively if you are comfortable, so your Sunshine Coast business should invest in sturdy, high-quality padded chairs that are fully adjustable, as well as large desks with plenty of space to juggle multiple projects at once.


Lighting and deco


In order to optimise productivity, your Sunshine Coast office space should make the most of its natural light. Studies have proven that people work to a higher standard in spaces that are lighter, brighter, and feel more open. This is why large, wide windows are a must, along with practical indoor lights that are energy-saving and easy on the eyes. Ditch those horrible, headache-inducing fluorescent lights, and also steer clear of buying eccentric light fittings for the sake of standing out. Sure, that low-hanging chandelier might be gorgeous, but is it really worth the hassle when it constantly threatens to give you a concussion? Always bear practicalities in mind – decorations can always go on the walls instead of the ceiling.


Focus zone


Office fitouts are increasingly moving away from their traditional, segregated setup, veering instead towards open-plan, activity-based workspaces. Whether you are embracing this new trend or sticking to a tried and tested office layout, it’s definitely worth considering incorporating a focus zone into your Sunshine Coast office. A focus zone is a particular area or room dedicated to high-volume work that requires, you guessed it, intense focus. Tasks for this space could include research, report writing, or design – anything that requires deep, uninterrupted concentration. It should include dividers between desks to increase privacy and minimise distraction, panels or partitions to prevent noise leakage from other spaces, red accents to increase productivity, and moderately low ceilings to encourage workers to buckle down. Make the most out of your next Sunshine Coast office fitout with a tailored focus zone, just for you and your business!