Ergonomic Assessment (we find the right chair for you)

13 May 2019Justin

In choosing the right Office chair, height adjustable desk, whiteboards or Office Furniture in general, there are basic concepts that need to be considered. Choosing the best of seat is no longer dependent on how it looks or how much it cost, it’s all about looking deep into what the chair or furniture is made up of. Another thing to note should be the well-being of the user. The suitable ergonomic office chair will always comply with your every movement and give you the right support that is relative to your height and weight.


At Danny’s Desk and Chairs, we don’t only look at the present when choosing office chair for clients but we also consider the latest technology in seat foams and back supports. The latest styles of ergonomic chairs have been designed to create comfort, provide adequate support and aid good posture.


We are always keen on the comfortability of clients that is why we always choose the chair that promotes good posture; no one posture should be maintained for long period of time. It is essential, especially for those with health issues, such as low back pain, to vary their posture as much as possible all the time they are on their working seat.


In choosing chairs for clients, we consider a wide range of factors, which include but not limited to:

-Adjustability of backrest: In choosing ergonomic chairs for our clients, we give attention to backrests, we give you chairs that are adjustable both in height and tilt, which is independent of the seat. A good chair should be able to set the height and tilt so that it supports the small of your back.  The size of the backrest varies with individuals and also on whether they have back/shoulder. Long backrests support the back and shoulders but some people may find them restricting.  Headrests in seats are also preferred for some people depending on personality.

-Ability to make adjustment from a seated position: Levers that allows for adjustment are well positioned in our office chairs, in some chairs somewhere else, levers are placed in awkward positions or may require that much force is applied that you have to stand to make adjustments.

-Stability of the chair: Gliders or times castors are useful for office chair mobility but they are quite unsafe when the seat is high or the floor isn’t carpeted.

– Armrests: Some people prefer that support of armrests are added but it must be ensured that its height is adjustable and that it fits under the desk.


All the above and others are what we consider before we give you the best you deserve. We are expert at what we do, a patronage will confirm who we are.