Five Ways A Coffee Table Or Area Can Benefit Your Office

13 May 2019Justin

For several employees, coffee is now part of their everyday routine. Others see it is an essential fuel needed to overcome stress at office. More companies are embracing or improving their coffee area; so staffs can access coffee without difficulty during the day. It can even provide them with the energy boost they need!

By getting a coffee area and machine, you are not spoiling your employees, but offering employees more benefits that accompany it. Here are five ways coffee area or table can be of benefit to your office:

It Can Increase Productivity

Taking caffeine can help staffs stay motivated and focus better. It will also ease that middle of the day slump feeling and offer them an energy boost.  Wondering how coffee will help do this? Well, the human brain has an element named adenosine that is responsible for making a person feel heavy-eyed. That sleepy feeling occurs when adenosine increases in the brain. Being a stimulant, coffee which contains caffeine prevents this and makes an individual feel lively. Coffee can also make employees remain awake because it enhances their brain activities and produces an energy boost. Definitely, coffee can’t in reality awaken people, but it can block that dozy feeling.

It Can Cut Lost Time at Office

Do your staffs take breaks during the course of the day to get a fast teacup of coffee at the nearest café? A business can lose good work time when personnel take a break to have some hot coffee. Though some employees can bring coffee from home but many prefer to get during the day. Providing coffee gives employees a motivation to stay in the office and get things going.

It Can Aid Employee Socialization

Having some mug of coffee together at office can pull down some social barriers. It can give new employees the opportunity to meet co-workers, establish a common section in the office, and be a decent ice-breaker.  Each employee can get up to three cups of coffee. This means that workers have opportunity to interact with one another in the office. A coffee opportunity can mean a fast catch up with fellow employees. Especially, if your employees have been stuck at their workspaces throughout the day.

It Can Produce an Open Office Culture

Employee connections and socializing at work can produce open office values. Getting that office coffee break can generate positive energy in the workplace. Assembling around the coffee machine can create some bonding. Here, conversations and thoughts can be pooled and this creates inspiration. Offering coffee area to your employees can show that you appreciate your staffs.

It Can Boost Morale

If a staff forgets his/her favorite coffee at home; it can lead to a rough start to the day. Knowing their office can provide them with good hot or chilled coffee can make them feel better. Drinking of coffee can be a ritual and with the company providing it, you have something your staffs look forward to. Providing coffee can let your workers feel lively throughout the day.

Investing in a coffee table or section benefits both employees and your business. If you choose to give a trial to this office perk or get a new coffee table or area, get in touch with Danny’s Desks. We offer top-notch coffee tables for different at pocket friendly prices. You can also take advantage of our free office design if you want to fit in your new coffee area in the office.