How To Prevent Scratching Of Your Floor From Office Furniture?

13 May 2019Justin

Hardwood floors are usually classy and improve the style of every office. Yet, they are susceptible to scratching while office chairs are being moved. Hardwood floors are cleaner but it is difficult to keep them unblemished because they get dented easily. One of the major culprits that can dent your floor is the office chair. This is because office chairs need to move when you are working on them.

Don’t drag office chairs

Moving any office furniture on any type of floor will damage the floor. Hardwood floors are more prone to scuffing and scratch from dragging of furniture of any type. Some of the notorious furniture that can cause damage to your floor with constant weight put on them and movement are office chairs. Because they are supposed to have lumbar support for a long time, the applied weight can lead to friction that damages your hardwood floor.

In addition, pushing and dragging of furniture on the floor during repair or workspace redesign are known to be the major causes of damages to hardwood floor. We do it unintentionally while pushing the furniture, particularly office chairs which are easier to lift than taking off the floor. It also needs an additional helping hand to move an office chair from a place to another. Usually, we push the chairs while trying to sit down. Done repeatedly; it can lead to serious scratches on the floor.

Changing and Repairing of hardwood floor is costly and can take some precious times. It can be a major hindrance to the proper functioning of your office if there is a need to repair or replace the floor. Hardwood is a very hard material though it has a tendency to scratch or chip if you push furniture across the flooring. It needs a lot of care and attention, to maintain its glory. Besides, it is visually pleasing for a modern office to have a modern and classy look with hardwood floorings. Because of that, it is popularly used but also need constant care and attention to maintain its class.

When next you want to rearrange your office desks and chairs, don’t roll them on wheel; lift them up and take to where needed. It will certainly involve more effort and additional manpower to get the task done, but you will thank yourself in many years to come when you use your funds on something more important.

Use area rugs

The most convenient way of protecting your hardwood flooring from scratches is by using area rugs. It prevents the furniture from having direct impact or friction with the floor, protecting the floor from scratches and damages from furniture movement in the area. Rugs are definitely the best cushion that keeps your floor neat and clean by preventing direct friction between office furniture and floor. It is a simple, easy and economical method of keeping your floor safe from office desks, chairs and other kinds of furniture.